Monitoring CPU utilization using Sysdig

Creating an alert for 90% CPU utilization

The following steps will help you to create an alert when a node exceeds 90% of its cpu utilization:

  1. Under alert tab click add alert button.
  2. Select the scope as agent.tag.dcosName or region. agent.tag.dcosName Is the tag we have added for the dcos cluster. region specify the aws region name. Assign the value for scope from the drop down accordingly which one you selected as the scope.
  3. Under Set the condition choose type as manual
  4. For Alert when option Choose cpu.used.percent as the metric > 90% as the threshold value.
  5. For Segment by choose second option, select Any of and host.hostName metric.
  6. Leave the Where option unchecked.
  7. Choose the minimum monitor value as 5 min.
  8. Specify the Name, Description and Severity of the alert.
  9. Enable the notification channel.
  10. Enable automatic sysdig capture if necessary.
  11. Click Create button.

creating an alert for 90% CPU utilization