IaC: Manager Node (Jump Server)

This terraform script will setup an infra for management in AWS:

  • CentOS (Manager Node)
  • VPC
  • Public subnet
  • Internet gateway


  • An IAM account with administrator privileges.
  • Install terraform on your machine.
  • Public Key Access with Agent support/ Agent Forwarding:

    ssh-add <key_pair_name>.pem
    ssh -A centos@<manager_public_ip>

Steps for installation

  • Clone this repo .
  • cp terraform.dummy terraform.tfvars
  • Modify params in terraform.tfvars
  • Modify params in variable.tf to change subnet or add AMI accordingly to your aws region
  • Export AWS credentials as bash variables (e.g. ap-northeast-1 for Tokyo and ap-southeast-1 for Singapore region):

    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="anaccesskey"
    export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="asecretkey"
    export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION="ap-northeast-1"
  • Run terraform plan to see the plan to execute.

  • Run terraform apply to run the scripts.
  • You may have prod/dev/stage configurations in
    terraform.tfvars.{prod/dev/stage} files (already ignored by .gitignore).

Generate Docs

Generate terraform documentation by running bash generate-docs.sh


  • SSH into the manager node and check whether terraform.out in home/centos contains:
    a record of the VPC, Subnet, Security Group and Nat gateway ID.
  • More details on terraform-docs.