CI/CD pipeline for ECS with AWS Developer tools

We can use the AWS developer tools to Automate the app deployment to ECS clustor. This can help us to achieve a serveless architecture compared to the usual Jenkins automations. We have prepared an Infrastructure as code for automating the pipeline creation. The steps can be found here.

The Components that we use.

  1. AWS ECS Cluster
  2. AWS CodeBuild
  3. AWS Lambda
  4. AWS CodePipeline.
  5. AWS ECR

AWS ECS Cluster

We can use the cloudformation template to create an ECS cluster.


The docker images to be deployed to ECS Cluster are stored in the ECR repository. We need to create a repository for
each of the custom application that we are hosting on ECS. You can follow these steps to create a new ECR Repository.

AWS CodeBuild

We build the docker image and push to the ECR with the latest tag using AWS Codebuild. You can follow these steps to create CodeBuild

AWS Lambda

The AWS Lambda can be used as a part of our pipeline for updating task and service definition. You can follow these

AWS CodePipeline

The components are added to the CodePipeline in to complete the CI/CD pipeline. You can follow these steps to create Codepipeline.